Day 145: Positioning and Payments

Yesterday, I wrote about my attempts to remember an important Message to Self, whenever I’m feeling down, depressed, or discouraged, which involved storing this message in a special place.

Today, I moved the Box With The Message, so it can be closer at hand.

photo (53)

I don’t want to lose track of it.

I needed to pay some bills today.  I just finished scheduling some on-line payments.

One of these bills — my electric bill — is going to be late, as usual.  Arrghh! I know why this is.  It’s because my way of remembering to pay bills is outmoded.

This is the out-dated process of bill-paying I use:

  1. I have it in my head that I should pay all my bills on the 23rd of each month. 
  2. Starting around the 18th, I start to ask myself whether it’s time to pay my bills.
  3. I don’t actually pay my bills, I just ask myself that question every day.
  4. On the 23rd, I remember that this technique is based on a time in my life that — if I mailed all my bills on the 23rd — they would all get paid in time.
  5. I delay doing anything about this for a day or two, because I now pay most bills on-line, and the Big Bills are all due by the 1st.
  6. Around the 25th of the month, I schedule the on-line bill payments.
  7. I feel guilty and stoopid, because — as always — I am late with the electric bill, which is actually due in the middle of the month.

Well!  That was cathartic (if embarrassing) — to actually write down my Out-Moded and Not Particularly Effective Process for Paying My Bills.

I think I want to make a change in my life, people.

This is what I am proposing:  when a bill comes in the mail,  I will immediately rip open the bill and schedule the payment on-line.

Wow!  That would sure save me a lot of wasted steps, time, and anxious energy.

And now that I’ve committed to doing that, here, I can feel a change coming on.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading (and witnessing my process of change).

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6 thoughts on “Day 145: Positioning and Payments

  1. Great plan, I hope it works out for you, I seem to procrastinate for no reason at all? I am not sure why. I like the idea of scheduling the payments right when they come in. Thank you for sharing. I also like the box, do you have just one message in there or are there many? That is a good idea. 🙂

    • Thanks for this great comment, Jonathan, and for “like”-ing this post so darn quickly! So far, I have just one message in the box. But I may add more.

      I would be eager to hear more of your thoughts, at any point, about procrastination and Messages in Boxes (if you choose to try that).

      • I will definitely deal with procrastination because I had been a world class procrastinator, but think I have overcome it for the most part now. Still there is some procrastinating tendencies. As for the messages in a box, I love that idea, I want to try it. I have been thinking of the message I might put in it. Probably more than one. I have a notebook that I carry everywhere, well most places and I write things that inspire me or calm me or adjust my thoughts. Like “Throughout your day deliberately and actively bring kindness into your actions, your speech and your thoughts.” Works great when I am feeling particularly annoyed with someone. Or “Kindness is a fearless, passionate cherishing of everyone and everything.” I just opened my notebook and those two were on the page. I will expand more in the near future. 🙂

  2. Gene Phillips

    Sayoko and I are excellent procrastinators, which is why we make as many of our bills as possible payable by automatic deduction. Of course this only works because we don’t live financially month to month as we did for quite a while. Your resolution to open and pay right away would be a very hard one for me to keep. Good luck.

  3. Thanks, Gene. I’ll need it!

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