Day 143: Disorientation and learning

First things first.  I am writing this post this morning having gotten LOTS of sleep.

As regular readers of my blog may know, my getting lots of sleep is  …. unusual.  (See yesterday’s post, for example.)

Anything unusual can be disorienting, even if it’s a good thing. Don’t you agree?

For example, this is what happened yesterday, regarding my sleep:

While I don’t like to nap (and usually avoid naps), I fell asleep at about 4 PM yesterday after I got home from work. (I leave work early, on Wednesdays.)

Then something really weird happened.

I woke up, after the nap, at 5:45 …. and I was convinced that it was 5:45 IN THE MORNING.

Why did I think it was 5:45 AM?  Many reasons: I often wake up at that time, in the morning.  The light felt similar to me. It was quiet in the house.

I thought that my son was asleep and my bf was downstairs, awake. (My bf has weird sleeping hours. He was an overnight cook, for many years.)

I went downstairs, to blog.  My bf came into the kitchen to talk to me.  So far … this all seemed like 5:45 AM.

Then he said something that told me it was 5:45 PM.

5:45 AT NIGHT?!?!?

I was very disoriented.

And it took me a while to adjust to that reality.  I felt physically LOUSY.   I also felt ….



(I’ll take any excuse to insert a photo of a beautiful animal.)

But this is what I learned from this disorienting experience:

  • I  need to continue to figure out ways to get more and better sleep. (I’m working on it, people!)
  • I must be loving this blog, because I was HAPPY that it was 5:45 AM and it was time to prepare for it.
  • I must be loving  my job,    because (etc. etc. etc.)

As the cliche goes …

It’s all good.

Thanks so much for reading, everybody.

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2 thoughts on “Day 143: Disorientation and learning

  1. Gene Phillips

    Your most beautiful crab fills me with delight. Thank you.

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