Day 126: Ridiculous things I’m feeling guilty about

  1. For over a month, I haven’t been reading issues of The New Yorker magazine that download on my Nook every Monday.
  2. I’m not reading enough, in general.
  3. I’m angry at a local organization, which hasn’t fulfilled its promised obligations to me.
  4. I’ve been “too nice”to this local organization, for about a month, and now I’m feeling taken advantage of.
  5. It’s a charitable organization, so I think I shouldn’t be angry at all.
  6. I wrote a very clear e-mail to the organization yesterday, stating my needs and expectations.
  7. My cat has been biting me lately, and I suspect it’s because I haven’t been paying enough attention to him.
  8. I don’t have enough cat toys around for the cat to play with.
  9. I’ve been doing too much at work and need to set better limits there.
  10. I haven’t been responding to patient needs at work quickly enough and (because of my long-time experiences as a patient) I know how bad THAT can feel.
  11. I’m on vacation, so I shouldn’t be thinking about work.
  12. I probably shouldn’t be writing in this blog at 2:42 AM, even though I think this might help me get back to sleep.

Boy, the title I chose for this post was pretty good, wasn’t it? These are pretty ridiculous, when you think about it.

Sometimes I wonder whether guilt has ever done me any good. I can’t think of any instances of that, right now. What’s been your experience?

Thanks for reading, people!


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7 thoughts on “Day 126: Ridiculous things I’m feeling guilty about

  1. I feel guilty about everything all the time and it’s a real drain on my headspace. I feel guilty that I am not doing enough and then conversely just like in your post above, I am doing too much. I feel guilty that I have wasted opportunities in my life and then i feel guilty that I have regrets. I feel guilty for working too hard and speaking to often. I feel guilty that I don’t listen enough. Guilt, huh. Loved this post.

    • Loved this comment! How about this? Let’s both try giving up guilt for a week and see if we miss it!

  2. Ada

    Yup. You have plenty of company. I’d be sleeping and suddenly awaken by things that bother me. My subconsciousness is trying to tell me how I truly feel. Writing them down is a good way to articulate them to yourself. Don’t feel bad about your anger about the local non-profit. I just saw on 60 minutes about a billionaire who failed in his charitable work earlier in life and then changed his tactics by tying accountability to his non-profit beneficiaries. He drops those who do not meet expectations and picks up new ones and keeps going strong.
    And you are not alone. Managing priorities and time is a life long exercise. Your reflection is a good stepping stone toward making adjustments. Besides, Ann, believe in yourself. You are an AMAZING lady trying hard every day to do the right thing. So what there are bumps here and there? You would sail through them. YOU HAVE IT IN YOU!!!
    Standing by you…always!

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