Day 124: Why I love the show “Dinner for Five”

Because it’s a group, people! (And I love groups.)

Dinner for Five is a television program in which actor/filmmaker Jon Favreau (SwingersMadeIron Man) and a revolving guest list of celebrities eat, drink and talk about life on and off the set and swap stories about projects past and present.


Here’s an episode, available — at this writing — on YouTube:

What I especially love about this particular group meeting:

(1)  They negotiate the group “contract” (rules and assumptions) at the beginning (no interrupting?  foul language?)

(2) One of the members (Dom DeLuise), immediately tests the established boundaries — using “foul language” — and that’s the end of that.

(3) All the members have known each other for many, many years.

(4)  Because every member is in the same age group, they naturally get snarky about people outside that group (younger actors).

(5) Charles Nelson Reilly feels safe enough (for lots of reasons, I’m sure) to express some difficult feelings (anger and — perhaps — fear) (again, towards young actors).

(6) The group facilitator (Jon Favreau) does a great job leaving room for people to just talk.

(7) The late Charles Durning (a World War 2 hero)  and the rest of the group deal with traumatic memories with care and sensitivity for each other.

(8) The friendship, love, and respect that is evident among the members.

(9) Charles Nelson Reilly does a great goodbye, for the group.

(10) Pretty much  everything else.

In writing this post, I discovered that all the episodes of “Dinner for Five” are available NOW on a YouTube Channel.  (Watching episodes I haven’t seen yet: another wonderful thing I can do on my vacation.)  Yay!

Thanks for reading, everybody.

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2 thoughts on “Day 124: Why I love the show “Dinner for Five”

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