Day 113: I am solving problems in my sleep!

Well, I may not be getting a lot of sleep — during this Year of Doing Things that Scare the Hell Out of Me — BUT here’s something I’m noticing:

I am solving problems while I am sleeping.

This is what I mean by that:

All year, whenever I’ve had to do something that scares me (like a presentation, for example) (today!), I wake up in the morning — BING! — with ideas that are going to help me that day.

I wake up with specific ideas about How to Do that Anxiety-Provoking Task.

What are the tasks which have been causing me anxiety this year?

(1) Presentations I am making in front of people at the hospital where I work.

(2)  New therapy groups I am doing with people.

Why are these particular tasks causing me anxiety?

(1) Because they feel new (once I’m practiced at them, I’m not anxious any more) and

(2) They feel important to me.  They matter to me.

The chance for failure — when things feel new AND they are important — that causes my anxiety to go up.

Makes sense, huh?

Thank goodness, for how my brain is working right now!

It helps me have faith in my own process, as I learn and grow this year.

Thanks for reading, today.

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8 thoughts on “Day 113: I am solving problems in my sleep!

  1. Rhonda

    Our brains do most of their hardest work while we’re sleeping. I’ve had the experience so often, I’ve learned to count on it: whatever I’ve thought hardest about or festered over or whatever, all day, I go to sleep and in the morning I know the answer or feel confident or relaxed. Amazing how it works.

  2. Hey, that’s great! Not only have I got solutions to my problems in my dreams, but also ideas for stories/articles. I also hear ‘tunes’ which I hum in the voice recorder of my cellphone every morning :p By the way, I discovered your blog only a few minutes ago, and I plan to stay with you through your journey 🙂

  3. I’m so pleased and honored that you’re coming along for the ride! Thanks so much.

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