Day 56: Why I’m loving listening to Kurt Elling these days

Because he’s fearless.

I realized that the other day, when I was walking to work with my beloved earmuffs/headphones on, and this song came up on Spotify:

Kurt Elling sings like no other person I have ever heard. I noticed THAT the first time I heard him sing.

But what I realized, when I was listening to him sing this John Coltrane tune, was that Kurt Elling sings straight-out, holding back nothing at all.


At least that’s the way it sounds to these ears, ensconced in furry, goofy, beloved  earmuff/headphones.

And I want to sing like that, speak like that, be like that.    As much as I possibly can.   In this Year of Living Non-Judgmentally, and beyond.

No matter what that might sound like or look like.

Thanks, dear reader, for witnessing and listening today.

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One thought on “Day 56: Why I’m loving listening to Kurt Elling these days

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