Day 9: I’m doing something that scares me today

So this morning, I’m starting a new group.  (I’m a group therapist, by the way.)

“New.”  When that’s a component, I’m usually (always?) gonna be feeling some fear about it. And I am,  feeling some fear,  this morning.

Here are some ways in which this group is new:  (1) There are some people who have never done a group before, (2) I’ve never done this particular format of group before in this particular location, and (3) these people are all new to each other.

That helps, actually, to write out that above list, because then I realize there are lots of ways in which the group is not new, which is letting me let go of the fear and get more in touch with a sense of safety (and confidence) about it.  Here are some ways in which doing this new thing might feel familiar (and therefore safer) to me: (1) I’ve met everybody before, (2) I’ve done this format of group before,  (3) I’ve done different types of group formats in this location, and (4) the location is MY OFFICE, for cripe’s sake, which feels very familiar to me, after working there for over a year.

Now I can get in touch with what I like about The New, which is a sense of excitement and hope.  And EVERY group meeting is new, no matter who is there, or where it is, or where each of them and I are, on our personal journeys, as we all come together.  I find that kind of New-ness exciting, hopeful, and moving, and I feel incredibly privileged to have that opportunity.

Thanks for coming here, dear reader.  The experience of writing to you, also, is becoming more familiar. So I can be more in touch — here, too — with the excitement and privilege of the new.

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2 thoughts on “Day 9: I’m doing something that scares me today

  1. Your language about getting in touch with what you like about the new, now that you’ve named your fears is lovely. It’s a funny thing about the new, we wouldn’t turn toward it if it wasn’t fundamentally attractive to us, but once we’ve committed fear enters. As the fear comes, it’s good to remember that we do new things because we really want to, and that our fears simply give us the opportunity to discover how we can do them well, in part by drawing on the skills and resources we already have.

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